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About me


So, my name is Exsan and yes, I have a really wierd name. This is gonna be my first website where i'll post updates and more things. I'll probably add more pages but for the time being (since by the time i made this website was on 2021 November 18 9:40 PM) I'll have 3 for now.


About this website


I had alot of ideas and problems of making a website. A crappy thing about websites that you have to pay to have them hosted. but the best thing is you can put whatever you want in them, buuut you'll have to stick with the new style. But after I found out what neocities was I was basically saved. I could make my ouwn website (with the .neocities.com thing at the end.) and I can make it new style or old style! So I was saved. But then it became the same thing all over again. What should I make the website like? How should I design it? Should I make it aesthetic? Should I make it more new looking? But after I got a new idea to just make this look like a blog, or some sort of website where the owner posts updates. Phew! That was a long reading to do!